What to do in a job interview?

A Question I often get asked when screening candidates and shortlisting them for interviews, from the candidates themselves, is what to do in a job interview. What does a candidate do in a job interview?


The answers are simple:

Punctuality: The first and best way to make a first impression is to be punctual. It is a simple thing which goes a long way. Being Punctual sets a good precedent for the rest of the meeting. A person who is punctual is someone who sets the ball rolling in terms of his nature and attitude towards the job. Successful entrepreneurs and businessmen are known to be on time for all meetings. Some of the most successful people in this world are known for this one trait, punctuality. And it is their punctuality that sets them apart from the crowd and makes them successful entrepreneurs.


Appearance: A simple ask. Clothes must be well ironed. Shoes, ties, socks all must be colour coordinated. It is important to wear basic colours. Pastel colours like light brown and blue give a subtle vibe. Colours which make a strong impact are red and black. It is best to wear a red tie or black trousers as this gives a more formal appeal. Hair, well groomed. A belt which matches the entire outlook also goes down well with the interviewer. A candidate going for a top management position can also wear cuff links and a suit to give a sharp impression. Hence, the overall appearance of the person is very important.


Body Language: The body language of the candidate makes a big difference. A person who is loud, offensive in his body language is not likely to make a good impression. On the other hand, a person who is subtle has a good chance of making a good first impression. The part which best conveys the body language is the face and there is nothing better than a genuine smile to convey warmth and bring out compassion and positive energy.


Speech: Speech is something which conveys the intelligence of a person. A person who speaks well, with proper diction and tone is more likely to land a good job. Proficient English communication skills go a long way. In India today, as in the west, and all countries with a strong linguistic base, it has become very important to know English, to speak English and to converse in English. Hence, a lot of candidates speaking Hindi are not welcome. This is so, even in entry level jobs like sales jobs, telecallers etc. Hence a lot of good candidates with sharp skills and excellent job credentials miss out due to lack of language proficiency. Hence English communication skills are a must.


Resume: The resume of the candidate is the final deciding factor. The resume must be sharp yet detailed. It should cover all the aspects necessary to win the job. This includes education, work experience, skill sets etc. The resume is the driving force in a person’s job application and subsequent interview. A person should know exactly what his resume covers. Once he knows this, he can approach the interview with confidence and a smile and is more likely to win the job.


Karan S Haji

KSH Consultants