Our focus has always been on Quality first.

KSH is a value driven premium recruitment firm. Dealing with people is no mean feat. It requires a certain amount of sensitivity, which is ingrained in the KSH culture. Right from our employees at KSH, clients of the company to candidates who we interact with on a daily basis, each and everyone is treated with dignity.

India is a burgeoning economy poised to become a geopolitical and economic superpower. Demographics are highly in India’s favour with a population of over 65% below 35 years. The economy has a size of over 500 million people, growing Year on Year. We believe India’s potential to be the potential of KSH.

Our aim is therefore to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients wherein both the client and consultant can derive long term value.

Core Competencies


Our core competency is the ability to provide quick and relevant CVs. We have a Turn Around Time of 2 days.


Working with KSH our client can expect a steady flow of relevant CVs.


The key to any recruitment consultancy’s success is Accuracy.
Testimony to our success is the fact that we have closed many positions
in such a short span of time.


Team KSH is always on the ball. Whether it is living up to deadlines,
convincing job prospects, following up with candidates, negotiating
salaries or placing a candidate.

Karan S Haji

Karan S Haji is a Post Graduate from Warwick Business School. He studied Marketing & Strategy. He has worked at Centrum Finance as part of the recruitment team. He thoroughly enjoyed his stint at Centrum and decided to pursue a career in Recruitment and Human Resource Management. Karan believes in working with effective teams.