Our Process

Processes build Companies.

Understanding the Organization

KSH will ascertain the client needs (short term and long term), functional needs and urgency of closure.

Job Competencies

KSH will try to extract as much information as possible from the client including Job Skills, Salary, Experience, Age, Gender, Education Qualifications, Location Proximity and any other specific details.

Mapping the Right People

KSH will shortlist prospective candidate CV's from
every possible source.

Telephonic Interview

KSH will ascertain the level of interest of the
candidate through a telephonic interview.


Client scrutinizes CV’s which are then lined up for interviews.

Face to Face Interviews

The client meets candidates to gauge their ability to match their organisations needs and job competencies.


Client conducts interviews till final selection. KSH is in touch
with the client and candidate at all times.

Reference Check

KSH will conduct a reference check in case of senior executive level
finding out each and every detail of the candidate
like salary, educational documents, relieving letter,
experience letter, etc. on request.


KSH is in touch with the candidate till the time he is
recruited in the organization.


The client’s needs are fulfilled and the recruitment
process is complete.